About Us

The KBF Mission

KBF Firearms provides modern guns, supplies, and accessories to those enthusiastic about responsible weapon ownership.

We offer a range of high-end, innovative products that aren’t typically found in local gun shops as well as classic, trusted brands. But we also have a higher purpose in our sights. We are here to empower and uplift other active-duty and veteran-owned businesses. We believe it’s through building community and service to others that we all thrive. (Please see a list of our current partners.)

The KBF Commitment

Another crucial target for KBF is firearm education. We want to continue to keep guns in the hands of responsible owners. By educating customers about gun safety, storage, and proper usage, we aim to help prevent common misconceptions about weapons and recreationalists. Our goal is to allow target shooters the ability to enjoy what they love most. (Please see a list of our current partners.)


The KBF Core Values

  • Be Supportive – KBF was founded by an active-duty service member and is deeply dedicated to supporting other active-duty and veteran service members in their development and progress.
  • Be Dependable – We are committed to being the most reliable outlet for brands that believe in similar principles and ways of life.
  • Be Bold – Our products are cutting-edge—and so are we. We live and do business by the motto: Move forward boldly, even in the face of adversity.
  • Be Disciplined – We do not take our responsibilities lightly. At KBF, we are highly structured, disciplined, and efficient in everything we do.



The KBF Backstory

Kahlil “Blaze” Ford, the founder of KBF, was born and raised in New York City, where he discovered gun access and weapon education were limited. He enlisted in the military at 20 years old because he wanted to serve his country and lead an active, purposeful life. His service took him to Germany for two years, and he has been at Fort Bragg, North Carolina since 2011. Since founding KBF in 2022, he believes in putting people first and giving back to the active-duty service member community and beyond.